Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magical Mystical Fairy Garden

Well I've experienced yet another magical evening here in Eutin. This past Thursday the cast of Blume decided to have a dinner party to have some fun and get a chance to hang out in a non-rehearsal setting. And we had this party at the home of one of the local cast members. She just happened to living in the home of the original gardener of the Schloss. It was built about 250 years ago and looks like it, but in a good way not in a run-down way! Surrounding her house is a fabulous garden that seems to have come out of a fairy land, with several different paths and odd benches and other objects placed strategically about. Also surrounding the house are more antiques and statues and objects than imaginable. I think "American Pickers" would have a field day!

Me posing as an added garden statue

A picture of part of the garden.....notice the bass drums

The group had all brought food things and wine to share and Tina (owner of the house) had prepared several wonderful dishes!

Our grill of yummies :)

Our tiny bathtub bar!

We all sat outside and talked and laughed and ate great food until the wee-hours of the morning.....not really just until about midnight, but the former sounds better :)

Another strange thing about this house is Tina owns several pets. Among them a dog, named Julius, 3 cats (whose names I do not know) and some chickens. To be more specific......23 roosters and 10 hens. To say the least there is never a quiet moment at that house....

This one escaped out of the massive chicken coop, and was nice enough to pose for a photo!

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