Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Visit to the Second Hand Store

So, remember that amazing second hand store that is only open on Wednesdays? Well a few of us made a second journey there this past week. This time we were on a mission: black gala clothing. Before arriving in Eutin for the summer we were sent an email regarding specifics on packing and other trip details that would come in handy for our adventure. The chorus women were instructed to bring a nice performance dress for our chamber concert that took place in July, and the men and orchestra were given their own instructions. However, this email said nothing regarding the attire for the gala evening, men or women. Naturally as we have begun to prepare the music for this concert the topic of attire came up and now we have been asked to wear long black skirts or dresses with long sleeves. I certainly didn't bring any of these items, so what did we do............went shopping at the second hand store!!! And................we were successful!!!! Ok so what I said before wasn't entirely true, I did bring a long black sleeve shirt...but what I got to accompany it is ah-maz-ing. Picture a gothic fairy princess and you will have pictured my skirt. It is a little longer than tea length, with several different chiffon layers that come to a point at different spots around the skirt and it is adorned with some sequins, just to finish it off! But at the agreeable price of 3 Euros......I just couldn't pass it up!


Die Blu-malfunction von Hawaii

We have now completed three of the six scheduled Blume performances and they have all gone swimmingly! The costumes changes have come together, the lights and microphones have been cooperating, and everyone has been having a great time :)

I have four costumes for Blume and for the most part the costume changes for this show aren't too complicated for me....I have two changes in the first act and then one in between the second and third acts (for which there isn't an intermission). The entire cast has a very short amount of time to go from being either a Hawaiian or an American party go-er to black tie Monte Carlo. We are also responsible for changing part of the scene change once we are finished changing our clothes. We have to carry on tables, chairs, champagne buckets, glasses and our umbrella for the song that follows.

Usually, I am one of the first people to finish changing because neither of my costumes are particularly complicated........BUT during the Sunday matinee performance this "easy" costume change did not go according to plan. While having my third act dress zipped up by a friend, the zipper pull decided to free itself from my gown which left the zipper in an unusable state. In a panic, my friend and I ran to the nearest costume lady for assistance. But of course everytime I move my body the zipper, which was all the way at the top when the zipper pull came off, slowly kept coming apart. By the time we secured the zipper with a safety pin it had become undone until half way down my back. Luckily there was an attached detail of fabric to my shoulder that allowed for some coverage over the open part of my back. It was a very stressful and nerve wracking few moments and for the third act I had the best posture of my life to be sure I didn't pop open the safety pins :)

Here are the pics of my costumes...

Erste act: 1920's summer dress-ish
This is my "faecher tanz" dress. Lindsay, Katie and I were three of four selected to sing/dance in this piece which we nicknamed the fan dance :)

These are my "pajamas" for the pajama party in the zweiter act.

Welcome to Monte Carlo for the dritte act!

The shows have all been wonderfully well received! The chorus finally found out, after four weeks of being in the show, that this is a very scandalous production. Many of the jokes are dirty and we had no idea! I mean we kind of had an idea, but not to the full extent :) it has been so much fun singing and dancing with the rest of the cast, I'm going to be sad once it is over....


Posts to come!

As I sit here in my room eating Marzipan I realized it has been way too long since I've made a post and I'm sorry about that! We have had non-stop performances and when I have had a day off I've made the most of it by doing some I'm on it and the posts are coming soon!!

Can't wait to be home in 5 days! Xoxo


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sitting in the Square

Nothing terribly exciting happening right now....I just wanted to paint a picture of what I'm experiencing this morning :) I had a very leisurely morning today and am just waltzing into town (at 2 pm) to do a few of which is to sit and enjoy my favorite combination, a cappuccino and a kaesebroetchen. Kaesebroetchen is something that I will dearly miss once I am back in the states and will have to try to make on my own. It is a light flaky bread that is smothered in a cheese, I think Gouda, and then baked until the chees is browned and crisp on top. Yum. Tonight is the premiere of Die Blume von Hawaii so I have the morning and afternoon free to do as I please. As I was walking my bike into town I began to hear some music, it sounds as if it is coming all around the square and lo and is! I enter the middle of the square and there is a man playing an electric cello, with a small amplifier, for the entire square to enjoy. The song he happened to be playing as I first arrived was 'My Heart Will Go On' from the Titanic movie. Which made me smile :) I recognized most of the pieces he played, another one was 'I Can't Help Falling in Love With You' (which was a favorite of my parents while I was growing up) and several others that I can't remember the names of....all the while people are going about their daily lives, drinking coffee, eating meals, and doing their shopping. It's very peaceful and I'm glad I'm getting to experience this glorious day.....let's just hope the weather continues for the premiere tonight!

Ps. Just after I finished typing this some older German women came and sat at my table with me. I assume that it was because the table next to mine was wobbly and they wanted to have their coffee and cake hour in peace. But I thought it was funny how they sat down, surrounding me, all the while continuing their own conversation. They were very pleasant, and said hello to me of course, so quickly I told them I was finished and let them enjoy the table :) I love this town!


Nabucco in the Rain

Our most recent Nabucco was a little different than previous performances. Not due to the singers or the orchestra or tech, but because of someone named Mother Nature. She had it in for us that day....what started as a beautiful day ended in a very long, wet showing of Nabucco. Well, not a terribly beautiful start....we did have Blume rehearsal in the rain that morning. So far we have been very lucky for the performances and not had any rain, so I guess it was bound to happen at some point.

I felt that everyone involved was totally on in their performances, the chorus sounded excellent (which maybe could have been due to the wine toast we had prior to the show - one of the chorus member's wife had had their baby that week) the soloists were on fire and the orchestra sounded great! Even the weather, for the first half, was excellent. Then we went in the building for intermission...........and it began to pour. I believe we extended the intermission a bit to allow for the rain and then resumed our performance. The rain subsided up until the scene right before "Va Pensiero" at which point we took another rain pause. I was amazed at the singers (Nabucco and Abigaile) for the great amount of concentration that it must have taken to continue to sing in that much rain. That duet also happens to be one of the longest scenes in the opera. I'm not even sure if they could see the conductor through the rainfall because it was soo heavy. Due to the rain and the extra delays we didn't end up finishing until midnight. Once the show was over I was glad to take a hot shower and climb into my bed :)