Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nabucco in the Rain

Our most recent Nabucco was a little different than previous performances. Not due to the singers or the orchestra or tech, but because of someone named Mother Nature. She had it in for us that day....what started as a beautiful day ended in a very long, wet showing of Nabucco. Well, not a terribly beautiful start....we did have Blume rehearsal in the rain that morning. So far we have been very lucky for the performances and not had any rain, so I guess it was bound to happen at some point.

I felt that everyone involved was totally on in their performances, the chorus sounded excellent (which maybe could have been due to the wine toast we had prior to the show - one of the chorus member's wife had had their baby that week) the soloists were on fire and the orchestra sounded great! Even the weather, for the first half, was excellent. Then we went in the building for intermission...........and it began to pour. I believe we extended the intermission a bit to allow for the rain and then resumed our performance. The rain subsided up until the scene right before "Va Pensiero" at which point we took another rain pause. I was amazed at the singers (Nabucco and Abigaile) for the great amount of concentration that it must have taken to continue to sing in that much rain. That duet also happens to be one of the longest scenes in the opera. I'm not even sure if they could see the conductor through the rainfall because it was soo heavy. Due to the rain and the extra delays we didn't end up finishing until midnight. Once the show was over I was glad to take a hot shower and climb into my bed :)


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  1. I'm amazed your performance went on through the rain!