Thursday, August 16, 2012

Die Blu-malfunction von Hawaii

We have now completed three of the six scheduled Blume performances and they have all gone swimmingly! The costumes changes have come together, the lights and microphones have been cooperating, and everyone has been having a great time :)

I have four costumes for Blume and for the most part the costume changes for this show aren't too complicated for me....I have two changes in the first act and then one in between the second and third acts (for which there isn't an intermission). The entire cast has a very short amount of time to go from being either a Hawaiian or an American party go-er to black tie Monte Carlo. We are also responsible for changing part of the scene change once we are finished changing our clothes. We have to carry on tables, chairs, champagne buckets, glasses and our umbrella for the song that follows.

Usually, I am one of the first people to finish changing because neither of my costumes are particularly complicated........BUT during the Sunday matinee performance this "easy" costume change did not go according to plan. While having my third act dress zipped up by a friend, the zipper pull decided to free itself from my gown which left the zipper in an unusable state. In a panic, my friend and I ran to the nearest costume lady for assistance. But of course everytime I move my body the zipper, which was all the way at the top when the zipper pull came off, slowly kept coming apart. By the time we secured the zipper with a safety pin it had become undone until half way down my back. Luckily there was an attached detail of fabric to my shoulder that allowed for some coverage over the open part of my back. It was a very stressful and nerve wracking few moments and for the third act I had the best posture of my life to be sure I didn't pop open the safety pins :)

Here are the pics of my costumes...

Erste act: 1920's summer dress-ish
This is my "faecher tanz" dress. Lindsay, Katie and I were three of four selected to sing/dance in this piece which we nicknamed the fan dance :)

These are my "pajamas" for the pajama party in the zweiter act.

Welcome to Monte Carlo for the dritte act!

The shows have all been wonderfully well received! The chorus finally found out, after four weeks of being in the show, that this is a very scandalous production. Many of the jokes are dirty and we had no idea! I mean we kind of had an idea, but not to the full extent :) it has been so much fun singing and dancing with the rest of the cast, I'm going to be sad once it is over....


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