Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sitting in the Square

Nothing terribly exciting happening right now....I just wanted to paint a picture of what I'm experiencing this morning :) I had a very leisurely morning today and am just waltzing into town (at 2 pm) to do a few of which is to sit and enjoy my favorite combination, a cappuccino and a kaesebroetchen. Kaesebroetchen is something that I will dearly miss once I am back in the states and will have to try to make on my own. It is a light flaky bread that is smothered in a cheese, I think Gouda, and then baked until the chees is browned and crisp on top. Yum. Tonight is the premiere of Die Blume von Hawaii so I have the morning and afternoon free to do as I please. As I was walking my bike into town I began to hear some music, it sounds as if it is coming all around the square and lo and is! I enter the middle of the square and there is a man playing an electric cello, with a small amplifier, for the entire square to enjoy. The song he happened to be playing as I first arrived was 'My Heart Will Go On' from the Titanic movie. Which made me smile :) I recognized most of the pieces he played, another one was 'I Can't Help Falling in Love With You' (which was a favorite of my parents while I was growing up) and several others that I can't remember the names of....all the while people are going about their daily lives, drinking coffee, eating meals, and doing their shopping. It's very peaceful and I'm glad I'm getting to experience this glorious day.....let's just hope the weather continues for the premiere tonight!

Ps. Just after I finished typing this some older German women came and sat at my table with me. I assume that it was because the table next to mine was wobbly and they wanted to have their coffee and cake hour in peace. But I thought it was funny how they sat down, surrounding me, all the while continuing their own conversation. They were very pleasant, and said hello to me of course, so quickly I told them I was finished and let them enjoy the table :) I love this town!


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