Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Visit to the Second Hand Store

So, remember that amazing second hand store that is only open on Wednesdays? Well a few of us made a second journey there this past week. This time we were on a mission: black gala clothing. Before arriving in Eutin for the summer we were sent an email regarding specifics on packing and other trip details that would come in handy for our adventure. The chorus women were instructed to bring a nice performance dress for our chamber concert that took place in July, and the men and orchestra were given their own instructions. However, this email said nothing regarding the attire for the gala evening, men or women. Naturally as we have begun to prepare the music for this concert the topic of attire came up and now we have been asked to wear long black skirts or dresses with long sleeves. I certainly didn't bring any of these items, so what did we do............went shopping at the second hand store!!! And................we were successful!!!! Ok so what I said before wasn't entirely true, I did bring a long black sleeve shirt...but what I got to accompany it is ah-maz-ing. Picture a gothic fairy princess and you will have pictured my skirt. It is a little longer than tea length, with several different chiffon layers that come to a point at different spots around the skirt and it is adorned with some sequins, just to finish it off! But at the agreeable price of 3 Euros......I just couldn't pass it up!


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