Monday, July 2, 2012

Thriftiness :)

Today we discovered a glorious secret of Eutin. One of the older chorus members, who I'm quite certain has been in this chorus for something like 30 years, gave us a bike tour to a hidden secondhand store. This store is secret because it is a giant warehouse looking building in a very hidden parking lot, not in a scary way just in a "you'd never find it unless someone showed it to you" kind of way. Not only is it difficult to locate, but it is only open on Wednesdays from 9-12 and 2-5. This past Wednesday we decided to take a chance and see if we could once again find this magical place with hopes of acquiring some cold weather clothes, and we did! It turns out that it is a massive store. There are several levels with different rooms on each level. Of course there was a housewares section with glasses galore, a toys section, a ton of furniture, and in the last room we found was the room we were looking for, clothes! I was with a few other singers, and we were all successful with our purchases. My friend Lindsay got a beautiful blue and brown tweed long coat for 5 euro, and my friend Patrick got a suit that fit him perfectly for 5 euro as well. Among the other purchases were some vintage silk scarves, some sweaters and a few ties. The best purchase was of course my will probably be the best German souvenir I find throughout the whole trip.

After we found the shop we had to go back to the oper Scheune for our evening rehearsal and I wore my hat. It was a hit! All the women of the chorus were asking me about it and complimenting me on it! One women loved it so much she took it right off my head and took it to the bathroom to look at herself wearing it!

On this same day I also had my wig fitting. It went much the same as my costume fitting, women with fire engine red hair speaking very quickly in German and pointing and prodding at my head. When the wig woman first put the wig on me she kept saying over and over "kleine kopf, sehr kleine kopf" which means little head haha! No pictures of the wig yet, but just wait they will come :)

Bis spaete!!


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