Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainy days in ponchos

So, sometimes It rains here in Eutin. And sometimes we have rehearsal, so naturally there are times when both of these things happen at one time. Well, when that happens this is what takes place..... 

Yes, that is correct.....we wear ponchos during rehearsal!

We had a lot of fun playing in the ponchos! And apparently if it rains on the day of a performance, we are to wear these over our costumes to protect them. The stage has a rake to it, which means that it is slanted so that the audience gets a better view of what is taking place. But when it is a wet stage, the rake becomes scary. One girl fell while running down the stairs even when it wasn't raining, so I can't imagine what it is like when slippery. Thankfully we didn't have to find out that day because the director excused us early from rehearsal. She said that the show was in great shape and wanted us to save our voices from the cold until we met with the orchestra for the first time that evening. Singing with orchestra is always fun! But it is especially fun when you know half of the players, and they sound great! This is a professional orchestra that they get the opportunity to play with, and many of them have commented on the amount of expectation in their playing. They sit in the orchestra pit in front of the stage which is normal, but because it is an outdoor theater there is a covering over the pit to protect the instruments. At least that is what I think the reason is, I could be wrong though.

So needless to say even though it has been rainy, we've been having a blast!


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