Monday, June 25, 2012

Laundry detergent


So I have been venturing into town trying to discover the best place to get a coffee, the best place to get a few groceries and other general knowledge of the downtown marktplatz. Among my exploration, I also had some missions of things I needed for my stay here:


Lavender Ricolas (which I still haven't found)

Laundry detergent

Dr. Hauschka

And a few other things....and it is surprisingly difficult to shop for things such as shampoo and laundry detergent when you can't read the text on the bottle. So I went with some generic German shampoo that was very cheap....I'm not sure if it is meant for a specific type of hair but It smells good so I'm cool with it. But I think I stood in the cleaning products aisle for a good 25 mins. I'm pretty sure the other customers thought there was something wrong with me. I ended up buying a tube called "Domol reise tube" which has pictures of modes of travel and says something that I think means hand washing....I haven't tried it yet so fingers crossed :)

In my exploring I came across the cutest cafe. It's called the Stadt Cafe and they make an amazing cappuccino. Not only the cappuccino but it so cute inside; there are several small rooms to sit in and a front patio, plus the "Kaffee Garten." The "Kaffee Garten" is a small garden patio outside hidden in the back, covered from view by a large tree. I wasn't able to sit for very long because I had to hurry off to rehearsal but next time I plan to sit in the Kaffee Garten and read while I sip :)


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