Thursday, June 21, 2012

Setting Up Camp

Well it is official. I'm a princess here too :) My hotel room is the princess palace! There are three of us staying in the hotel and my room is on the third floor all by itself. The room is very quaint, equipped with a sink and mirror, two twin beds, two nightstands, two lamps, and two chairs. My wardrobe armoire is in the hallway outside my door...I am going to have to get some more hangers to be able to hang up my clothes properly. So far the bed has been very comfy and warm, although I haven't completely settled in yet. I have a lovely view out my window overlooking the garden of the hotel.


In the garden there is a giant chess set! It's the coolest thing...almost makes me feel like playing wizard's chess.


It also feels like the secret garden or something, because I have an actual key to lock my door :)


The other thirty people in our group are staying in a smaller dorm like building called the Bethesda house. It is kitty corner from my hotel and has this wonderful long stairway to walk up to it. And I'm not being sarcastic, it really is sweet. I have been going there for breakfast, because the house is equipped with some fruit and sandwich things, and breakfast munches for us. It is also where I will do laundry when I can't hand wash it in my room.

Things are very different here, but lovely. I feel very comfortable and welcome, and everyone has been so nice and helpful to us. I can't wait to have some time off of rehearsal to explore the rest of the city!


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