Monday, June 25, 2012

Costumes/ open dress rehearsal

Life in the Neue Eutiner Festspiele is settling in nicely...we have blocked the entire show and are now going back to perfect the details. This week we also had our costumes fittings. The costumes are beautiful! Well....the second and third act costumes are. My costume for the first and fourth act is the same and it looks like a black trench coat that came right out of the Matrix movie. The second and third acts are similar to each other, but not the same and they remind me of a Greek goddess, very flowy and silver, cream and gold colored. I haven't been able to take any pics yet, but as soon as I get the chance I will. Back to the costume fitting... as you may have guessed, the costume mistress doesn't speak a word of English. Her name is Ursula and she has fire engine red hair. We did the entire fitting without any real verbal communication, mostly the two of them talking extremely fast in German (mostly words I didn't recognize) and then tugging somewhere on my costume. Apparently we are responsible for getting ourselves ready, which isn't a surprise, but hopefully I can put my costume together correctly without any help!

As for becoming acquainted with Eutin.....I haven't gotten lost once!! Yay! There are several ways to take that will end up where you want need to be, so it doesn't really matter if you take a wrong turn! We all have become very comfortable with the bike paths that are around Eutin and generally choose that over riding through town. I'm not sure if they are faster or just have ore beautiful scenery. The paths go through some neighborhoods, a field, then along the lake for a while, and finish up through the woods next to the Schloss (castle).

(better pics of the castle to come)

Last night there was an open house for the donors to come to the Opern Scheune (opera barn) and they were invited to come to an open rehearsal of Nabucco. The audience was only going to be present for act I so we were all asked to study extra hard and be completely off book for this rehearsal. And we did! I'm not saying that everything was perfect, but the director and chorus master were extremely pleased. After the audience left we continued to run through the show and I am now feeling very comfortable with the music, there are only a few spots where I'm going to need to review just for memory's sake...and we still have two weeks until the opening. :). Having an audience to perform for really brought the show alive and gave us something to "perform" for instead of just being in rehearsal mode and it was a lot of fun!

I'm not sure if I've gushed about the singer playing Nabucco yet, but his voice is amazing!!! He is an Italian who was brought in last minute due to drama with the previous singer dropping out. He doesn't speak a lick of German or English, so that has been very interesting haha, but there is a scene in act III where he holds a high Ab after the chorus cuts off and, I'm not making this up, he held it flawlessly for about a minute. It was incredible. I've heard through the grape vine that he has an audition with the metropolitan in two months, and I have no doubt they will love him!


I miss everyone so much! Xoxo



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