Thursday, June 21, 2012

Neue Eutiner Festspiele

Today we had our first rehearsals. We started at 10 am on the outside stage and proceeded to block Act 1 until 1 pm when we had lunch. I believe they did a bit of blocking on Monday, while we were still in transit, so in the very beginning we were put in places amongst the other choristers. There are 65 singers in the chorus, some come from the university in Luebeck, but I'm not sure about the rest of them, they might just be community members. The director speaks some English, but mostly the stage directions are given in German, so I'm having to pay attention to everything she is saying to make sure I get it. I'm understanding a lot of it but sometimes I have to ask one of the other girls in the chorus what were are supposed to do. it's a very different experience receiving directions in a foreign language, it's keeping me on my toes! It's also fun in the chorus because I've met a girl from Bulgaria and another girl from Poland. The Bulgarian doesn't speak any English and at one point we stand next to each other for a while and we have to communicate in German so we can understand each other!

For lunch we ate in the Cantina inside of the opera barn. The opera barn is a rehearsal space, but it just happens to look like a barn. We were served bratwurst, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. I can't get over the food here. It is delicious. Even the airport food! There were grocery stores in the airport that sold fresh fruit and bread and meats and cheeses. So far Germany is winning in the food category.


Yesterday we were given bikes and it has been a blast riding around getting to know the city! The bikes were donated by the citizens of Eutin, so that the American visitors would be able to have use of them. Mine has a basket on the back and a bell, and I found out last night that there is a generator on my back wheel that provides power to a light in the front and in the back. Much safer for riding at night. Before our evening rehearsal yesterday a few of us stopped in the town square to get a snack for the evening and I was able to order and inquire about it in German :) small step in the right direction, but it made me happy!




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