Saturday, June 16, 2012

At the Airport................still.

Update: 12 hours later, still at O'Hare

Due to weather conditions in Denver yesterday, the plane scheduled to pick us up in Kansas City was 90 minutes late in taking off from our original departure time. Also, due to the fact that this was a very tiny aircraft most of the students in our group were asked to gate check our luggage in order to be able to fit all of the passengers on board. In the air it was a very smooth ride and we made great time.....but once we landed it was a different story. The delayed departure time made our scheduled landing time 9:30 pm and with our departure time to Copenhagen being 10:05, and still on time, we didn't have any time to waste in O'Hare airport. I think I stood waiting for the gate checked luggage for at least fifteen minutes after landing. Then after running frantically through the airport to the tram, to change from terminal 1 to international terminal 5, we stood waiting for another solid 15 minutes for the tram to arrive. Upon entrance to the correct terminal we were greeted by Scandinavian Air personnel stating that the captain chose not to accept the delay and allow us to board and that we would not be flying anywhere that evening. After much confusion and several phone calls being made to whomever we could think of to help our situation, a rumor began to float around that the delay was a mechanical error with the plane in Denver, and hope began to arise that we would be put up in a hotel by the airline. But alas it turns out it was due to weather. Of course. And because mother nature is not the airlines fault, we were all denied hotel accommodations and were left to fend for ourselves without an itinerary to get to Europe. Needless to say it is 6:52 am and we are still in the same boat and I really hope I never have to sleep on a tile floor again. Grrr.

Otherwise it is a beautiful day in the windy city and I'm still excited to get to Eutin!......... And to get some sleep on the plane :)


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  1. And Uncle Bob couldn't even come to the airport because he's in South Africa. Hope you are in Eutin now.