Friday, June 15, 2012

At the Airport

Here we go!! I am finally packed and sitting at the airport in Kansas City right now. I seem to have packed perfectly, the weight limit for my checked bag was 50 lbs. and after removing some items last minute and putting them into my carry on bag, the bag weighed in at 50.0 exactly! I know that I will have a much more difficult time achieving that on the way home.....but oh well :)

Scheduled to leave the gate in Kansas City at 6:47 pm, I arrived in plenty of time, at 4:30...always ready for the dreaded hassle of security. Fortunately, the venture through security went smoothly without any hiccups. Since I am not sure of the Internet situation in Eutin I thought I would make a post before leaving! I am going to miss everyone so much, it has been so nice talking to friends and family before I leave... I'm sitting amongst the others in my group and it's funny to see the "cliques" forming already. There is a general buzz of excitement and nerve while people discuss the possibilities of what is to come. Whilst on the plane I plan to review some music and translations, listen to the opera, and sleep....this is going to be quite a journey and I want to start off on the right foot. Speaking of feet the Merrells are still the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

Once we arrive in Eutin things are going to start right away. I originally thought rehearsals would begin on Monday, which would have been nice and given us Sunday as an exploration day. But when I arrived at the airport today I was told that the first rehearsal for vocalists is on Sunday, but the orchestra doesn't rehearse until Wednesday. We only have about two weeks until the opening performance so it's probably better to get an early much to do.

Alright gotta fly now!


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  1. You look like a seasoned traveler ready for a grand adventure. Yeah for the sensible shoes. We'll await your first post from Eutin. Have a safe journey and hopefully you catch a few hours of sleep as you whiz across the Atlantic Ocean.


    Aunt Mary Ellyn