Friday, June 29, 2012

Our first rainy day in Eutin

Before coming to Eutin, I had heard plenty of stories about the weather and most said that it was rainy and cold. So I was pleasantly surprised when the greater part of our first week was sunny and fairly warm. Alas, yesterday, Sunday, the rains came....and it looks like they will continue to be present during our stay.

I am extremely grateful to have my rain boots. Not only have they been practical, but everyone keeps complimenting me on how cute they are and asking where they can get them. We all know I love that! Also grateful to have my rain jacket - I have worn it everyday, keeps the wind out. Mistake number one....forgot my umbrella, so on my agenda ASAP is to buy one. I also seemed to not pack any shoes that I can wear socks with except my rain boots, so if it continues to be this cold I'll need to get some other shoes. Oh darn :)

My dilemma yesterday was to either walk, without an umbrella, to rehearsal, or ride my bike. I discerned that because the bike is faster I would have been in the rain less time, even though I would get more wet from moving faster. It was unbelievable how sopping wet I was once I arrived at the opera barn. Thankfully we were having a chorus rehearsal inside instead of on the outdoor stage. Not only were we all very wet, but it was 50 degrees fahrenheit outside and the rehearsal space isn't there was a room full of human icicles. Many of the German chorus members were very concerned for us and offered to give rides to anyone who wants if the weather continues to be this awful. The only flaw with this plan is they gave us phone numbers...........we don't have phones. Oh well :) a little rain never hurt anyone!

Before rehearsal, the vocalists had the morning off (something new for us) and had a nice leisurely breakfast of coffee, and assorted breakfast foods. Some groceries are provided from the opera company for us (mostly breakfast and sandwich things) and at this point in timtime had run out of a few staples in the house, such as we got inventive. From the open house the previous day several cakes and desserts were brought to the Bethesda for the Americans to eat, and with those desserts came.........whipped cream!! So you can guess what we used for creamer in our coffee that morning. It wasn't quite the same as milk, but still tasty!


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