Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Ready!!

I am off to Eutin, Germany in four days!! My emotions are quite mixed as of right now ranging from excited and hopeful to scared and overwhelmed! This will be my first visit to Europe as well as the longest length of time I will have been out of the country...9 is a lot of weeks! Right now I'm in the process of completing all the tasks one must complete before embarking on a journey like this: packing, learning music, figuring out which international cell phone plan to get, contacting my credit card company.....and so on and so on. Packing has deemed itself not the easiest of tasks because I have heard mixed reviews of the weather during the summer months in northern Germany. I think the general consensus is to plan on layering because of fluctuating temperatures during the day and to have great walking shoes. And I finally found the perfect walking shoe! For those of you who know me, nature girl isn't really a descriptive term that comes to favorite shoes generally have a 3 1/2 inch heel attached to them. I have been informed by several people that those are not proper walking shoes and when I finally wrapped my head around the concept of "comfort first" I found these little gems!


They are made by Merrell and so far have been quite comfortable, but I'll keep you updated as they are worn more!


The opera we are doing first is entitled Nabucco, composed by Giuseppe Verdi and there is quite a bit of chorus music to learn. But the music is so beautiful that usually when I sit down to learn or memorize I get distracted and end up listening to a good part of the whole opera!

Right now it feels as though I am about to take a dive off the high-dive board and it feels good! I hope to learn and experience so much from the culture of a small German town and from working in a professional opera company and can't wait to document it here!



  1. Madison --- I just looked at pictures from Eutin. You are going to have an amazing 9 weeks! ENJOY!

    Your old aunt ME

  2. I'm so excited for you, Mads! I'm thrilled that you're keeping this blog. It will be so fun for me to keep up with what you're doing. Have the best time ever!